What's the best way to do Marijuana for the first time?

I went anonymous because I know there will be a lot of haters coming to this question.

I will be going to the Netherlands next week and I want to try Marijuana. Unfortunately I have astma and I'm guessing smoking wouldn't be the best way then (anyone experience with this?). You could also eat it in cake form, but people say that isn't a good plan to do that for the first time since you have the danger to eat too much.
So what is the best way? Smoking or eating?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Here is the beginning to the rest of your life.

    1. You will always be broke
    2. You'll gain like a shit load of pounds gradually, you'll be too fat before you notice it.
    3. you'll become even more stupid than you are now. Killing off the few working brain cells that you have left.

    Try it in brownies. And eat them all. To start your new lifestyle as stated above.

    Quote "I went anonymous because I know" you'll hate on my opinion.

    • 1. Why would I be broke if I try it once? I've done my research and asked different people. It's not addictive.
      2. It often happends when you try weed you eat a lot after it, but once again, I try it ONCE. From one time binge eating won't get you super fat.
      3. This is actually very offensive. It's for one never proven that weed kills brain cells and two, again, I try it ONCE.

      You sound like a total bitch which was totally unnecessary. Why do you have to get so hyped up?

    • hahahahaha

      1. because you spoke with idiots.
      2 + 3. right, ask all the losers that have yet to quit smoking that shit, which is why they are broke, unless they're predominantly rich because of their position in life. (The average person who smokes weed, is a broke as who always is in need of money, who claim they can quit whenever they want, and they don't because they don't "want" to quite) but that's all BS.

      When you become that person, you'll realize it, yet you'll never accept it.

      A total bitch or not, it's completely realistic. so go start baking those delicious brownies! ;)

    • It's actually not realistic at all. I know a lot of people who've tried it once or twice and didn't do it again or very limited (like once per month). They're actually almost all high educated people who need a break once in a while.
      I think you're confusing weed with hard-drugs which are actually addictive and dangerous. There's still no proof weed is really bad for you.
      Besides, addictive doesn't mean you can't try it once. A lot of people have tried a sigaret (while nicotine is extremely addictive) and didn't do it again. It all depends on the person.
      Maybe you shouldn't let yourself brainwash by horror stories and think on your own and maybe you should think twice before you say something mean on the internet. Behind these questions are real people who just want some honest advice. So if you've got nothing nice or helpful to say, maybe you should say nothing.

Most Helpful Guy

  • The smoke is VERY hard on the lungs. You're likely to have an asthma attack in a foreign country. Just limit how much you eat. Do it somewhere where you can chill out afterwards.

    • Thank you. I'll definitely consider eating. A lot of weed selling stores sell cake in proportionate sizes for 1 person per piece. Maybe I'll try eating half of it or something.

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  • You should try both, although I'm not a doctor and am not entirely sure if smoking will be safe with your asthma. Definitely ask about it.

    You should also plan your meals after smoking.

    • A lot of people say I'll be fine with smoking but I already can't handle it to be in a five feet range of smoker.

    • There's your answer then. Eating it is. No need to hurt yourself over it.

  • Personally, I'm not a weed fan, but my boyfriend seems to be nuts about it. He has tested out different forms of marijuana intake - from smoking weed to cooking spacecakes and making butter. He usually draws the ideas from this resource

  • i once ate it. didnĀ“t feel anything xD so i guess that way sucks.

  • Not to do it at all.

    • Thanks you were not helpful at all. You just waisted your time responding.

    • Why do you absolutely NEED to try it? It's just plain stupid, it does nothing beneficial for you!

    • @mntwins66 because it's fun to try it for one time. That's the benefit, it's fun and a new experience.

  • If you MUST do it, eat it. Less damage on the lungs.

  • I smoked for my first time, it took like 30 mins for it to kick in.

  • If u have to eat, but just a little.


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