Which is the best type of Animation?

1. Traditional Animation (Cel 2D animation, Hand Drawn)
Which is the best type of Animation?
2. 3D computer animation

3. Clay animation or Claymation
4. Stop motion

  • Traditional Animation
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  • 3D computer animation
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  • Claymation
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  • Stop motion
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  • Other kind
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I prefer traditional, like in older Disney cartoons :D

    • Yeah :D
      Too bad that style in gone forever now :( They can still do the hand drawn cel animations, But it will never come close to those early Disney movies!

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    • Thank you for MHO ;)

    • Of course, Pretty lady ;)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Hand drawn definitely. Also I feel like using 3d animated just dooms the cartton to become outdated in a few years when the technology gets better. But hand drawn cartoons like looney toons last the test if time


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