What is your favourite space-themed movie/TV series?

For me it's: The Martian, Interstellar, Gurdians of the Galaxy, Alien and some others that don't come to mind at the moment.

How about you?
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  • Of all the films that you had mentioned, for me, it's definitely the Alien movies when it came to space-themed hard science fiction although I didn't like what the sequels had become and completely despise the way they finally made Alien vs. Predator films.

    There's also Prometheus, Event Horizon, Starship Troopers, Total Recall, and maybe even Soldier as I recall seeing those and they all are space-themed or at least set in space.

    I'm not really into the more commonly known and really popular space themed movies and franchises such as Star Wars and/or Star Trek though.

    Also, I haven't really had the time to look into Space Themed TV shows yet, maybe I'll get to those eventually though.

    • Prometheus is also one of my favourites.

      I haven't really watched many space-themed TV series either, but a good one I have watched which is somewhat related to space is "The 100", which I'd recommend regardless of the space theme. Another one you might like is "Dark Matter" but it's not that good, in my opinion.

    • I had just looked up The 100 on Google. It's another one of those "Post-Apocalyptic" themed fiction. I've been hooked onto most post-apocalyptic stuff for quite some time now so it's probably something I will look into when I have the time.

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  • All I can really think of is the Star Wars film series.

    • Let me add, I do remember I wanted to go see The Martian: Bring Him Home with Matt Damon. That looked pretty good. But I didn't get the chance to see it in cinemas, unfortunately.

    • I recommend you get the book. I'm almost finished it and it's a wonderful read so far.

    • Interesting, I'll take a look at some point.

  • Mars Attacks!


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