Help me through my obsession pls?

Hello fellow gaggers
I'm thatweirdone and I have an addiction to the joker.
I know this may come as a surprise to everyone but I live and breath the joker. I have him on my walls, on my laptop and phone and Esspecially in my heart.
I can't go a day without thinking about him or looking at his photos or quoting his famous lines.
Yes I do realise he is fictional but in my heart I know he is real.
If you could please help me cope with this addiction as this is disrupting my friendships. They say I talk about him to much and that I need to stop
But I can't stop
It's like his soul lives inside me
How do I cope


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  • Is it that bad to have an interest like that - The trick is to allow room for all your interests to coexist without impacting on each other - I am tempted to say it is part of you and if your friends are real friends they will accept all the parts of you even the bits they don't quite understand - With my friends as much as possible I accept them as they are and ask them to do the same with me.
    The only time I would intervene is if I felt it was becoming unhealthy like an alcohol/drug addiction. I only know you from this site but you seem to be functioning at a very high level despite your Joker "Addiction" as I said I would only intervene in a friend's life if I felt they were truly being harmed. It is part of who you are and if I tried to "Change" you that would be way more damaging than any Joker addiction you have.
    To take it to an extreme, if a friend of mine had a crush on someone and they talked non stop about them in obsessive fashion, would I be entitled to drag them off to a doctor for a psychiatric evaluation (I think the waiting rooms would be pretty full if that happened).


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