Which game were you surprised in a good way?

For me that's until dawn hahah because I saw the trailer and tbh it looked like a low budget horror film but I was so surprised by how good the game was when it came out


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  • heard many good stuff about until dawn but haven't played it... not really my type of game.

    I guess we are talking only about 2015? okay here are a couple

    Cities Skylines... the game what Sim City should have been.
    Bloodborne... never really played a Souls game before so this was a bit of a risk. but lots of fun.
    DiRT Rally... finally a good DiRT game again I like. didn't like the last ones.

    Games I knew nothing about before but enjoyed a lot
    Crypt of the NecroDancer
    Ori and the blind forest
    Life is strange

    and many more


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  • Life is Strange for me, I just recently finished it and it's a wild ride.

    • The ending was a bit anti climatic for me tbh haha

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    • Yes him haha I was always suspicious of him tbh but when he shot chloe I'm like you fucker xD

    • Yes, exactly! Haha

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  • I agree totally about Until Dawn. I thought it was going to be another lame-ass teen horror adventure but it was extremely well done. Being a Heavy Rain lover, it really got me.

    My other big surprise from 2015 was Rocket League. :)

  • yeah, I agree with until dawn. it was a please tell surprise and made my brain hurt so bad lol

  • League of Legends. When I first played it, didn't think I'd like it that much
    That was 5 years ago

    • LOL, I didn't think I'd like LoL because I have a couple of friends who work at riot and they're such lame dudes. (: I was like, how did YOU help make such a cool game, lolwut?

    • @redeyemindtricks Well the friends I play with are awesome though! And my laning partner and I... we're in sync, we know exactly what the other does xD

  • Life is strange, loved the gameplay and story line.


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