Do kpop groups use pitch corrections in there songs and microphones?

I just sand a few songs with a certain pitch corrections and Damm I was surprised, my voice in some songs were just amazing... I sounded like a retired person from a band..


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  • I produce music. I can tell you that almost every song uses Pitch correction in Kpop, Jpop and any other kind of music.

    It is not because the artists can't sing because they can. Its because the public has become so used to perfect pitch that every one does it out of necessity. However most artists and producers won't admit that.

    • Yeah that I still hear the natural voice in a blog and it sounds very similar... can u tell me about pitch? What is it? Sang a part with and without pitch and omg... way a differant. .. there's like letter "a b c d and some others "

    • "Pitch" is what people often say are the notes (A, B, C, C#, E, F, F#, etc) but it is not exactly the same.
      You can sing a certain note but still not sing the note in perfect pitch. No human can sing it in perfect pitch no matter how good he or she is. You are always a little bit higher or lower. These pitch correction programs make it into a perfect pitch. The most used programs are "Antares Auto-tune" and "Melodyne"

    • Wow man... very interestint... i tried it eith singing a high pitch and it toy changed

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