What's with Hollywood and casting these Norse Egyptians?

Gods of Egypt casting Jamie lannister as an Egyptian. He's Swedish. WTF. No black or middle eastern actors want work?


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  • Because you won't enter a movie with a middle eastern man acting 😛 have you seen Lucy?

  • Who freaking cares, if it were a movie taking place in the middle of 15th century England people like you would still be complaining about there not being a single minority in the whole movie, thats why you see knight movies with a random black dude in there, even though the historicity of that is highly questionable. Plus maybe the director just likes Jaime Lannister better then all the Africans or Arabs that auditioned. To be honest there are a lot of bigger things to worry about like your job, family, car, house, sickness, the list is endless, why are you worrying about something as stupid as "this one movie that doesn't even look good doesn't have a certain race of people in it"... if you look at movies for the races of people in them then not only are you shallow for not judging the people by their acting, but you are also racist for being bothered by the race of someone on screen.

    • I heard plenty of white people bitchin about a black Johnny storm, and a black James bond, and the black kid in the new star wars. Which are all fake characters. Yet it's somehow wrong of me to make the same arguments about depictions of historical ppl? Egyptians weren't freaking Norse, blonde, or white for that matter

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    • Seriously man worry about something else, give it a rest. And stop trying to make excuses or blame other people, no matter what other people do the fact is what YOU are saying is stupid, and needs to stop, just because they are idiots doesn't mean you should be too. I've been hearing crap like this for 10 years, WHO CARES? If a white man is cast in this movie as oppose to a black one then the sun will still rise tomorrow, the moon will still orbit the earth, the trees will still be growing, and I still won't give a damn. It doesn't matter at all, it only matters to people like you who make a big deal about it, other people like me dont even notice the races of the actors in the movie, and really dont care either way, we watch a movie for the plot, effects, and acting, not the color of the actors' skin, maybe thats what you should be doing too.

    • In a way I don't care like you say it is just a movie. But another part of me feel like its propaganda to white wash history and that does bother me.

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