Does Instagram list people on your friend list according to how much you view their profile?

I have noticed that my boyfriend has this girl on top of his followers list. And then after he adds people. She appears 2 or 3. Then all of a sudden she appears 1st. As well on following list. And it isn't alphabetical order. Is there a reason. Is it because he often checks her profile or?


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  • i have no idea wtf is going on with that anymore. they keep changing the order -.-

    • That is what I am wondering. Why? Do you constantly engage or look at the person's profile that appears on top of your list

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    • Really? So you seek their profile out?

    • It is so weird. I just looked again at the profile and she is number 3 on list now. Maybe it means nothing I don't know

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  • I have no idea. It used to be who that last person you followed I believe


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