Which should I read next?

At the moment, I'm reading A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. It's going good- Amazing art too!

What do you think I should read next? Normally I figure out quite easily what I want, but I'm stuck at the moment.
(I will probably read shaking hands with death first anyway, as it's really short, and the topic is close to my heart)

If you want to suggest something else, please vote for one on the poll, and tell me your suggestion!
Thanks :)

  • Bill Bryson- A short history of nearly everything
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  • Charles Darwin- The origin of species
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  • Re-read The Silmarillion for a bit
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  • Max Porter- Grief is the Thing with feathers
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  • Ursula k. Le Guin- The Earthsea Trilogy
    Vote E
  • Terry Pratchett- Shaking hands with Death
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  • Fuck books (me: fuck you ;-;)
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  • Earthsea is awesome.
    I thought it was by Nix, am I thinking of something else?


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