What celebrity death has affected you the most?

I think that I was most affected over Robin Williams suicide. I could see it in his eyes that he suffered from depression. The world was shocked because he was always smiling and laughing... however it's easy to smile with your lips but hard to smile with your eyes. The movie what dreams may come that he starred in made it even more sad.
other celebrity deaths that have affected me are:
Chris Farley - so funny, had so much more to do
Patrick Swayze - one of the nicest and most genuine celebrities
Heath ledger - was looking forward to what he could do with the Joker
Philip Seymour Hoffman - I never saw a movie with him in it that I did not like
Richie Valens - even though he died way before I was born it is still sad that he had so much talent it was cut so short. He died 18 months after making it big.
Buddy Holly - died way too young and such a waste of talent. Leaving his wife of only six months pregnant. The heartbreak made her miscarriage.
Michael Jackson - I can't believe this has been over six years already. Although I do believe that he was a sick and twisted child molester, guilty of ruining the careers of Corey Haim in McCauley Culkin. He was still an amazing musician


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  • I feel exactly the same way about Williams. He did smile with his eyes but there was always this glimmer of sadness somewhere deep within his crystal blue eyes. You really see it come through when he starts doing more serious movies like What Dreams May Come and Good Will Hunting. You can't have that kind of range without some personal tragedies to draw from.

    I wish there were a way we could pay him back for all the joy he gave us.


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  • Definitely Michael Jackson. His death actually made me weep. And I don't really believe that he was a child molester. That was just a way to rip off and ruin the public image of one of the most successful musicians ever.

    • He admitted to giving kids alcohol and all sleeping in the same bed together. When the Two Corey's was on TV, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were talking about them both being molested by Michael Jackson.

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    • Caused by being sexually molested as children

    • Agree with asker here, that was the cause of a lot of their issues sadly. And Feldman isn't as far out as Haim.

  • Wes Craven!!! I was so upset when he died. I love his movies!!!💀👻🎃

  • I was sad when John Candy died. He was the funniest man of all time.

  • George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Sam Kinison.


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