If "Honey, I shrunk the kids" happened in reality, what are the chances the kids would've survived?

  • 0% we're not designed to be that small.
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  • Good chance, if we're patent and smart enough.
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  • No escaping the lawnmower :(
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  • No escaping the cheerios :(
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  • Wow haven't seen that film in forever. Yeah some bug would devour them. Or they'd get stepped on. I'd be terrified of spiders. Imagine a spider bigger than you are.

    • I would not want to imagine a spider that big!! That would be my biggest fear lol

  • Well, my science in this area is nowhere close to accurate but I believe the square cube law dictates that if someone were to be shrunk like in the film they'd retain the strength they had at normal size but it'd be focused in a smaller area. Think Ant-Man in this case. That is if the ground didn't collapse under them from the increased mass focused in a smaller area.

    So I think they'd be relatively safe, but that poor ant they befriended would've been crushed under the weight of a single child.

  • Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed so if you shrunk someone to an inch tall they would either still weigh whatever they weighed before or you would have an enormous explosion, probably big enough to destroy all life on earth.

    If they had the same mass they would sink into the ground as soon as they went outside just as the end of a spike would if you put your weight on it. They would make dents in a wooden floor as they walked.


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