Is Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition worth the $38 for a used PS4 copy?

Right now, it's $38 for a used PS4 copy on Amazon and it's the last stock. Should I bother spending any money on it? I've heard that the gameplay itself is good but EA are extremely shallow and greedy to the point where they decided to cut off so many content and turn them into overpriced DLCs. I just got done watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie at the theaters so this ended up making me want to playing a Star Wars video game, lol. But knowing the notorious history of EA as a game company, I'm not so sure.

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  • Doesn't really have anything to do with EA and this false conspiracy of "cutting content" to be used as DLC later. Gamers love to believe it but it's basically never true.

    But Battlefront is basically "FPS-Lite," anyway. It was made for the casual gamer who doesn't even play video games, really, which is why it feels very light when compared to other multiplayer shooters like CoD and Destiny. There just isn't enough depth or variety to it, most say.

    Then again, if you're a huge Star Wars fan and you just want to immerse yourself in that world, it's great. Looks great, too.

  • Hell no, you'd be much better off getting the older Battlefront II game from fucking 2005. That game had WAY more to offer.

    Honestly, had DICE just remade Battlefront II with the graphics of Battlefront, it could've easily been game of the year.

  • Yea sure its double the price in stores.

  • I don't know. $38 still seems too high for it. It's much better than paying full price for it.

    I agree with Xelebrum. Had they just made an updated version of Battlefront II, this game would have been awesome. It's just okay at best right now.