Quote a funny line/verse that you remember from a song?

Lol I like

"And Just like that girl you got me froze like a Nintendo 64" ---- BOB

"I step over pirhannas
Death over dishonor
They killin for j's
Thats death over designer
Hey cole heatin' up
Like that left-over lasagna
Remember when I used to be stressed
Over Dawana
Now only textin' distress over rihannas
I'm talkin' tens and better
Hood bitches in timbs & sweaters"
---- J. Cole


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  • "And my dick so hard it make the metal detector go off" - 2 Chainz

    This whole song

    • Lol i like his other song where he be like "Money on the rise like Im counting on an elevator"

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    • @DesiDoo
      That line caught off guard lmao

      "Remember me from school?
      hell naw you get no love lookin boy" - xD

    • Bumped that song for the longest too
      thanks for mho

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