David Bowie dies at age 69 . He was an icon in the music industry and the world?

This song is from his last album released on his 69th BD and two days before his passing


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  • Yeah, never got a chance to see him live. Would have liked to, though I wasn't around for his prime.

    • I have no doubt you could find many live performances on utube , but if your like me that's just not the same at all

  • a reinventor yes, and definitely original... for me a bit of a love him or hate him

    • I agree. I am not a number one fan but he did a few songs that I liked

    • yes i actually prefer the early 80's stuff like Fashion and scary monsters rather than the obvious

    • I totally agree with you man , the early career music was the best , in my opinion

  • This isn't a question.

    • Then pass and don't comment problem solving at its best

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