Was he looking at me?

This is so silly, but I thought I would ask. Have you ever been at a concert where it felt like the performer was looking right at you? You swear they're looking straight at you half the time. It can't only be me!
I was at a concert today, it was an acoustic solo show, this guy was an indie singer song writer. The venue was really small so I was a couple rows from the front...
And I swear, he made eye contact with me so many times. I've had the hugest crush on him for so long, that it made me nervous and blush when he looked my way. It felt like he was smiling right at me. But I know it was just my imagination... has anyone else ever had this feeling though? I'm so curious haha.


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  • Yep, saw Britney Spears when I was young and I swear she looked at me so many times I thought she wanted me to join her on stage. That would have been fun lol!

  • in my opinion, he was probably looking at you multiple times.


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