Is this a dumb reason of me to not become an MMA fan anymore (or the UFC organization itself at least)?

I used to be a big MMA fan, which used to be my 2nd favorite sport to follow, right behind Boxing. Now, I just honestly hate the direction that the UFC is heading with the way they promote their fighters, they way they promote women's divsion and how politcally correct they've gotten, along with how dumb the MMA fans have gotten later on. I hate how this new generation of the MMA community is being too politicaly correct regarding women's MMA fighers on how they're just as equally physically capable as the male MMA fighters, when in reality, the vast majority of male fighters who have sparred with women MMA fighters are obviously taking it light on them judging by all the UFC videos that I've watched.

I'm no sexist. I'm all for women being allowed to professionally compete in any fighting sport. I just hate the political correctness of it being shoved down my throat and then display the hypocrisy of it (bashing Floyd Mayweather for being a woman beater yet encourages a fight between him and Ronda Rousey) and how the most marketable female fighters are based on strictly the favoritism of them from promoters rather the actual skills and real championship possession. For instance, why the hell is Ronda Rousey still being heavily pushed to the roof and not Holly Holm, despite that Holm soundly gave Rousey a very lopsided brutal beatdown in their match? I honestly miss the days of MMA when Anderson Silva, Chuck Liddell, GSP, BJ Penn and Randy Couture were the top stars of the sport.

You see why I'm starting to feel this way about MMA now?
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  • Why restrict it to mma or sports. It's even there in movies and ads. I agree. I'm not a woman hater either. In fact I encourage women standing equal to men in every aspect of life. But the way media projects it looks so fake and superficial. Empowered women are now supposed to have short hair making them look masculine. How is that empowering women?

  • Aye aye. Lets celebrate our differences, not force everyone to be the same.
    Do women like Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm deserve equal amount of respect as their male counterparts in other divisions? Absolutely! But lets not trick ourselves into thinking it would be an even fight, something I say keeping in mind that I myself were part of a muay thai group which had one of Europe's finest female fighters in it - no males of equal success.

    Now her accomplishments were far greater than ours and when we put it into context she IS better by comparison, but she'd have lost to the worst guy in our group all the same. Something we all knew.

    I see your frustration since we all, men and women, know that men and women are not physically equal at all. I would however laugh it off and remind myself that sure, Ronda Rousey wouldn't hold a flicker of a candle against, say, McGregor who is just a few kg heavier. She is however equally much a fighter.

    I don't think UFC or MMA needs to bother with this BS though. Isn't Ronda the best fighter in the world? That should be more than sufficient to show that they're pro equality.


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