What tune do you have stuck in replay these days?

For me its this guy Alex Vergas an underrated Danish musician
his vocie is pure gold <3


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  • High hopes - kodaline


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  • I don't know. I haven't heard a new song I liked in years. Of you've ever seen south park where Stan just hears shit sounds. That's what its like for me.

    • @Rong96. Holy crap. I see you here all the time but I never looked at your actual picture. For face is exactly what I describe wheb people ask for my perfect girl hahaha your way out of my league but I felt like sharing that. Just so you know.

    • thanks for the compliment :)

    • Just being honest. You can ask my friends lol

  • radical face - welcome home
    david gilmour - nowayout

  • I hate the song because I don't listen to such music.
    I hate its video even more... I find it disgusting and deplorable and sick and all those adjectives.
    But I heard it in a mall and because of the ambience a that time, it has stuck in my mind for over 2 weeks now.

    I am talking about Gal a Babble by Koshens. Absolute garbage !!!

    • by the way... Oh My God you're pretty. Horrible of me to say it but I could not resist. Please take it as a compliment and don't hold it against me.

    • thanks for the compliment

  • Lean On by Major Lazer


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