How many people on here are obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera?

I'm completely obsessed with the phantom of the opera. The movie, the actual play, the novel, and the original horror movie. How many other people are?

I know a lot of women are. But I'm curious as to men aswell.


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  • Sing once again with me
    Our strange duet
    My power over you grows stronger yet
    And though you turn from me to glance behind
    The Phantom of the Opera is there
    Inside your mind.

    I can't say that I am addicted but I really liked the movie and the novel (had to read it for English class).


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  • Not necessarily obsessed but I do love it, the movie, the play, the novel, and the original movie :P I mean, if we ignore Love Never Dies, I adore all of the phantom related things :)

    • Love never dies is soooo good! :)

    • The songs are catchy but I think that the relationship between Eric and Christine became so much more erotic and sexualised than it ever was in Phantom and their relationship in the original was never necessarily a sexual one, he was completely focused on her voice and what she could offer him musically, y'know?

      I also think it makes him too sympathetic at times and doesn't quite get across that this dude abducted her, threatened to kill her boyfriend, and then obsessed over her for years until he could lure her back to him and try to get with her again. I mean, I love Eric so much, don't get me wrong. I think he's a fantastic character. But I don't think we can ever make him out to be a good guy and for me, that's what Love Never Dies kinda did.

      Definitely some catchy music though :P

  • I’m definitely obsessed, there are a few holes in the plot of the movie but that doesn’t make me
    Love it any less. Everything about it is so admirable the beautiful songs sang by the characters and the even more professionalism that the orchestra creates through instruments. I love the phantoms devotion to making Christine his and the triangle of love between them two and raoul.

  • Phantom of the opera is really a great movie. I wish there was others movies like this. Of course the novel is better for the movie (of those i've heard) and i hope one day to read it ;).

  • My sister made me watch it everyday 😧


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