Guys and girls, a question! What would you do with this power?

For many years, i have had this fictional story in my head but never put it down on paper. Here is the raw gist of that story as succinct as i can manage.

One day, I (in this case, you) wake up and suddenly have the power to have ANY and all questions answered, simply by writing them down on something. As soon as you finish writing the question, the answer instantly comes to you as if you suddenly remember the word you have been searching for.

The point of the story is that there are questions you really dont want to know the answer to, such as 'when will i die', 'when will the world end' and 'is the human race doomed' etc. But then there are the questions we all want answers to, 'will he/she love me', 'how do i make a million dollars' etc etc

There are also questions it is just plain better off NOT knowing the answer to, such as 'will he/she cheat on me', 'was 9/11 faked', 'did Neil Armstrong actually step on the moon' and 'have aliens really visited Earth'.

Since i doubt i will ever write this story, i pose it to you lovely ladies and gentlemen. If you had this power, what questions will you write?
Oh and just in case you were wondering how the story would end... my character does in fact write the question, "When will I die?'' with the last letter of the story... being that?

Meaning the character dies after writing a question asking when they will die.
You can have as many questions as you like. This is your story. It may have come from my brain, but with your reply, YOU are the main character and can ask whatever you like.


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  • Ok then. Then I would ask the following: What is the Whole point of life and existence when in the end we all ultimately die and expire? Did any if it ever actually even mattered other than that we simply want it to matter or meant something?

    How can I (or ultimately everyone and everything) live or exist forever (Completely Indestructible) or find a possible or nearly impossible way to achieve such without any major consequences should they be given a choice to? If there must be consequences, then can I pick and choose my consequences for such an unrealistic request and/or desire?

    What are the missing requirements and/or components that will finally make us immortal and eternal and completely free of all suffering, pain, hardships illnesses and diseases? And I meant for Right here in this reality and world and not any other ones beyond as "if" they ever actually even existed.

    • Geez. You sir are deep. Never expected a response like that.

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  • what is the cure to cancer?
    what is the cure to alzheimers?
    how can i remove a glioblastoma without killing a person?
    how can i make 200k in the next month without doing anything illegal?
    where can i find an abandoned pirate ship with a chest of gold doubloons?


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  • How do I make my penis grow 4 inches in 2 weeks with one simple trick?

    I'm not sure, there's too many questions that I'd ask, but that's a really interesting concept for a superpower, I like it. Very balanced. You basically have the ability to know anything, but you have to control your impulses, lest you find out something that fucks you up or gets you killed. Bad ass, man, haha

    • That is the point of the fictional story i created. What are the negatives associated with being able to know everything? What if you could know the super secret that could topple entire governments? Or the names of America's spies all over the world? What about knowing how to detonate every nuclear weapon on the planet?

      That kind of knowledge in YOUR hands is extremely dangerous. Sure, knowing how to make a million dollars sounds great. But then you would have to know how to get it safely. And then how to get it legally. And THEN how to stop people robbing you. And then stop them KILLING you for it!

      Being able to know everything is NOT an 'i. win' button!

    • I fuckin dig it man, if you got any friends that are more into writing or art than you, that could be like a cool comic miniseries or story, since you said you probably won't do it. I'd probably mostly ask how to do things that would benefit us, clean energy and possibilities for space travel and ways to cure disease, for example. I'd try to avoid more selfish things, I'd probably lose control otherwise haha

  • "When we are alone, and we swear we hear someone talking, are we really alone?"

  • I'd right down something like "how to live forever"


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