How do I change the file type of a file on Windows 10?

I used to be able to simply rename the DOT extention at the end of the file, but now with all the stupid new safety nets I can no longer do that, nor can I change the file type through the properties page. All I am trying to do is change a save file from. fxs to. fos. It's pretty much the exact same thing and doesn't change any of the data, it just changes the application that can open this file.

If any of you know how to change the file type on the Windows 10 OS I would appreciate it, because this is something that should be incredibly simple, but isn't because of the new Apple level safety nets.


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  • Use move command or rename command


    move myfile. fxs myfile. fos


    ren myfile. fxs myfile. fos
    ren *. fxs *. fos [For batch editing]


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  • I personally use
    , when it comes to recognizing any file types. When I need to change the type of a file, I just use converting tools. You can find tons of freewares online:)

  • First you need to change the settings so that the file extensions are displayed. You'll find this setting under 'Folder options'. Uncheck the box which says "Hide extensions for known file types".

    • Yeah, I tried that but it didn't work. I can change general extensions that are common but it isn't working for. fxs and. fos

    • Well... I don't have an idea about. fxs and. fos files, but I do tons of changes with filename extensions on Windows 10, and I have never faced issues.

    • Huh. Thanks for the tip anyways, I guess I'll go and ask the support line.

  • I bet if you right click and hit properties, you'll be able to change it there

    • That didn't work, that's why I asked. The command prompt fix was the only thing that worked.

    • Damm! I was wondering if It would. I only have it on my laptop and I had to send it back so that's why I didn't try it out lol

  • Honestly, I personally use Total Commander for everything like this.


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