Which was the best Rocky Balboa fight?

  • Balboa vs Creed
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  • Balboa vs Creed (Rematch)
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  • Balboa vs Lang
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  • Balboa vs Drago
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  • Balboa vs Gunn (Street fight)
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  • Balboa vs Dixon
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  • Young Creed vs 'Pretty' Ricky Conlan
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  • Dragon was a beast. No way should he have ever lost to Rocky. It was bullshit lol


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  • I haven't seen all of the new movie yet. I'ma finish it now I guess.

    In any case I say the best fight was vs Lang. That's my favorite one, because he got in Rocky's head like nobody else.

    • That role was made for Mr. T!

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    • Not just boxing movies. Everything. They're obsessed with showing you character development instead if story. Look at the first hulk or any remakes of the old horrors like Freddie and Jason. James bonds even turning into a character study. Ffs if I wanted that I'd book an appointment with a psychologist instead of buying a cinema ticket. It's supplementary if it's needed at all. Nothing replaces story, either written or on film. Without the basic a-z of narration you might a well be watching a political speech

    • @bluenose1872 You have a point.

  • Drago hands down. The big Russian machine that just killed his pal. I love that film. The training in the snow. The actual fight was amazing. You think he's fighting the terminator in it

  • not possible to have just one. Seems Clubber Lang and Drago are definitely tied for #1.

  • I voted other. The match he had against hulk hogan


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