Lol is agent Phil coulson a double agent since he was in transformers first? Was loki actually helping the avengers?

I'm sorry I have a hard time taking deaths and villains in marvel seriously because I never really see them kill anyone and the people they kill always come back to life.

Here is my theory. The first comic was produced by marvel. so perhaps when loki killed agent Phil coulson the intent was to keep Phil from spreading information.


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  • Loki doesn't want Coulson telling the humans about the Transformers because this causes intelligent AI machines , which leads to Judgment Day, which we all know is done through T-100 Terminators enslaving humans in the Matrix.
    So, yeah, Loki had no choice but to shoot first...

  • Lolz.. that's always a plausibility yeah XD

  • Just watch Marvel Agents of SHIELD show and you will know why he is alive. Unfortunately your theory is dead wrong.


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