Give me a prompt and I'll write something for you?

I'm bored as hell. Give me a prompt, be it a word or a phrase or anything, and I'll reply with a blurb lol


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    • "We got another one!" Hannibal shouted to Will, delighting in his own malevolent humor. A chuckle rumbled in his throat, his viper irises honing in on the subject of his next meal. Lean, and petrified. He imagined he'd make a beautiful dish with the meat of the man's thighs.

      "Another what?" his friend chimed, approaching him from behind.

      "Another dish. A shame, though, I would have preferred to end his life myself."

      And then Will Graham promptly suffered a migraine that eventually eased him into a coma and Hannibal was finally gifted with the opportunity to feast on him as well.

    • Hahah that's great, thanks 😁

    • I try I try lol thank you for curing my boredom!!

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  • Classic

    • "Classic Bethany, always weaseling her way into my business," Catherine muttered as she angrily patted blush onto her cheeks. "I'll show her," she continued, and made a cat eye sharp enough to cut the bitch.

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  • Witches
    Mardi Gras

    • Hues of crimson and evergreen splattered her vision as she cast her gaze across the landscape before her. Humans, flailing their limbs in delight at music that thumped too loudly against her fragile eardrums. She'd only ever known the silence of the sea, and she receded back beneath the murky waters of her home, leaving only her eyes above the waves. She longed to be where the people were (lol sorry disney), and she longed to feel such delight as they so obviously did.

      Those aquamarine irises drew downward as she drew backward, knowing fully well that although she shared some traits, humans were vile creatures that became violent at the sight of the unfamiliar. And she was most certainly unfamiliar.

      The young mermaid's tail gracefully meandered through the sea's unforgiving terrain and she rationalized with herself idly. How badly did she wish to be human? Was she willing to sign her name in Cantonese with the sea witch?

      She drew in an oxygen-less breath.

      Yes. Yes, she was.

    • That was tough as hell

  • The constipated turtle groaned ,,,,,,,,,

  • Two awkward little turtles

  • I don't get it.

  • "bitch, I'm fabulous"

    • "Awe, such a cute kitty," Anna cooed at her tabby.

      But suddenly, the tabby retracted away from her, a hideous look of disbelief etching into his furry face. He scoffed. "/Bitch/, I'm fabulous."

      The tabby scratched Anna's eye as punishment for not addressing him as her King.

  • Penile warts
    Dirty nurses

    • Dirty nurses didn't wash their hands.
      Dirty nurses didn't wear gloves.
      And dirty nurses laughed at the sight of Joe's penile warts. He heard their snickering and he heard the mocking. And he felt his cheeks warm with rage as he, bare assed, rose to his feet.
      "RAAAGH! DON'T LAUGH AT ME!" he bellowed, snatching one of the nurses by the ponytail. "DON'T LAUGH AT MY WARTS!"
      And then he executed the impossible: while brandishing his bazooka from his trusty hiding place of his anus, he bent the gossiping nurse over and laughed as his warts became her new anal nightmare.
      "He's got a gun!" one of the nurses screamed, but before she could race out the door he fired.
      "You don't bring a syringe to a gun fight, bitch! And you don't insult Warty Joe, either!"

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    • Thank you, I try lmao

    • You are very welcome.

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