Are you upset about the Oscar Nominations?

It seems to me that people are getting worked up over nothing. 1. They're literally just movie awards. 2. "Hollywood" is a liberal's paradise. These people who are upset can't possibly think that this hotbed of the Left is racist. 3. Award nominations aren't meant to reflect the demographics of a nation, community, or industry. They're awards. Not a census.

It seems that people desire more diversity and when it didn't happen they call it racist. Like when Kanye wanted Beyonce to win that award. Taylor Swift won it and because he disagreed he called it racist.

At the end of the day it's a meaningless award show given by Hollywood to Hollywood and just another chance for a celebs to buy expensive clothes, get tanked, and try to fuck a member of One Direction.



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  • No, you're not wrong and you're certainly not racist for your views on this manufactured "controversy." The Politically Correct Left (which is redundant) are filled with "bean counters." That means they're people who always have to see a required number of these people, and those people, and other those people. If they don't like the result they yell "racism!" The Academy has nominated and awarded Oscars to black actors and actresses before. But there are people these days who seem to spend most of their time looking under every stone for "racism!" Everywhere. You're right: The Academy is the epitome of liberalism. The idea that it's a racist organization is ridiculous. Was it racist when it gave Denzel Washington an Oscar?


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