Who is with me on my stand against these certian video games?

I making a stand not to buy video game like Disney Infinty, Skylander, Wii U game, Lego Dimensions.
Because I don't want to spend extra money to play a certian character that I could play on the old story.

$64.96 for Disney Infinty and that give u Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano only but I want to play a Darth Vader so that another $12.78 and now I am done with Vader I want to play as Darth Maul that another $13.33.

Intotal it would be cost me just to play with those character $91.07 when I could just pop in Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga and play as any character from Episode 1-6 and then Play Lego Star Wars The Clone Wars and play as Clone Wars Characters.


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  • MICRO TRANSACTIONS are whats in. MICRO TRANSACTIONS are how game developers and publishers are making a big chunk of their money. as long as people keep buying in-game shit, MICRO TRANSACTIONS will always be around.


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  • These companies have to make cash somehow 😂😂 plus you're getting a figure like a physical one you can hold for free
    Worth it

    • Is it worth if you lose them step on them or break them by your dog knocking into the table there on or your cat thinking there toys

    • Unlike you I tale care of such things and keep them where that doesn't happen

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