A new series of Degrassi just launched for a younger generation than me--am I old?

Degrassi-Next Class just launched for what they showrunners calll "generation z" people born in the 2000's to what will end at 2025...

Bleh... I was born in 1992. I feel old : (

A new series of Degrassi just launched for a younger generation than me--am I old?

I remember when getting erections at school, freshman girls going from enviormentalism to bulemia, and wrecking your apartment because a girl you started dating 2 weeks ago refused to marry you was cutting edge... has life for teens really changed from this?

I've always defended Degrassi because it's the only teen drama that not only doesn't shy away from the uncomfortable issues but attacks them full force and make them what the shows is about. The concession is that most teens only care about these issues a little bit while every character on Degrassi has their life pretty much dominated by one or more of them and our journey as the audience is to see them struggle with it.

Damn you, children, give me back my show!!!


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  • I actually binge watched the season of Next Class two days ago. No regrets. I was late getting into the series but I love the way they seem to tackle everything.

    • how does it compare to next gen? just as good?

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    • any cameos from former cast?

    • Unfortunately not :/

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  • You give two shits about Degrassi? You aren't old.


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  • I was obsessed with Degrassi: The Next Generation. I used to watch it faithfully until Spinner, Jimmy, Paige, Marco, Manny, Emma and the rest left. Then I fell off. So this series is on Netflix?

    • yeah netflix original so it will only ever be there + pirated

      i watched 2 mins of it... def higher production value than ctv put into it

    • Hmmm, I'll have to check it out.

  • It's a show that needs to go. It has been around since what? The 80s?

    • yeah but obviously the series that drake was on was pretty popular since people still occasionally call him... oh wait you're right i can't even remember his name on there bad example...

      why does it need to go if it's constantly reinventing itself for the current teen generation?

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