Chicago Fire question: How could Casey or even Severide be lieutenants over Herrmann or Mouch?

I mean no offense to the Casey character or Severide, but he's rather young to be a lieutenant at least for a few years. Herrmann and Mouch are both older than them. You would think maybe they might be lieutenant instead of Casey or Severide. I know it could be by choice, but it seems strange to me, anyways - unless Casey and Severide have actually been firefighters longer than them.


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  • I think that's because Herrmann and Mouch didn't want to be lieutenants. I see them well refuse to be because they don't want to get troubles and leave it to Casey and Severide.
    By the way, the age has nothing to do with grade and responsability, older person don't always want to get more responsabilities.


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  • I don't think either of them are interested. Some people are better leaders and some. are better followers. Plus Hermann seems like he's right under Casey anyway. He becomes in charge when Casey isn't there.


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