When a concert/sports stadium changes it's name do you always use the new name or continue calling it by its old name?

It seems that these days all the stadiums are changing their names to the names of banks that hold the mortgage or the large corporation that owns the building. I find this very annoying but what is even more annoying is when I use the old name for a stadium and somebody acts like it doesn't exist.
Examples around Ontario Canada
-Skydome is now called Rogers Center (Home of the Blue Jays) I will always call the SkyDome! They should have called it Rogers SkyDome not Rogers center. Idiots
- The John Labatt center is now called Budweiser gardens. I think this was just a marketing thing to change the name. Labatt makes Canadian Budweiser
- Copps Colesium is now the First Ontario Center. This will always be Copps to me. Stupid bank. They should've called it first Ontario Copps coliseum.
- Ivor Wynne Stadium is now called Tim Hortons field. Home of the Hamilton Tigercats CFL Football team. Sure they tore down the old stadium and rebuild it but they should've kept the name. Furthermore Tim Horton was a hockey player, I know he is more known for Tim Hortons donuts in Canada which started in Hamilton. It still doesn't make sense having a football stadium named after a hockey player or a Donut Shop.
Whatever happened to naming stadiums over recognized people?


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  • Of course I'm gonna keep calling it by the previous original name, for ex I'm Man Utd fan so if Old Trafford changes the name i will keep calling it as before! I hate that some clubs are doing that.. They're just changing it for the money.


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  • It depends. Usually the old name. Some I call the new name.


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