I don't know why blacks even care so much about a Oscar when they only win when they are?

Playing submissive, demeaning stereotypical roles anyway. So why care? I think Jamie Foxx and Sidney Poitier are the only ones who have won a competitive oscar without playing a demeaning , submissive stereotypical role. I don't know why blacks admire things that don't admire them.


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  • Was Denzel Washingtons role in Glory demeaning? Seriously, I haven't seen it in years. It's obnoxious the way people are acting about it. If terrible actors or movies were getting nominated instead of good ones done by black people, ok it would make sense. But best actor and supporting actor categories are spot on. Those people gave excellent performances. White people don't boycott the oscars every year Leo gets snubbed, and he's deserved one since he met Scorsese. Wasn't 12 years a slave nominated last year? People always have to bitch about something I guess

    • I just don't get why black actors and actresses care when they are always awarded/nominated for their shittiest roles.

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  • I disagree. I don't think Denzel Washington's Oscars were demeaning stereotypical roles. Though yeah, in Training Day his role wasn't the good guy, he still did a freaking amazing job and it wasn't submissive, demeaning and stereotypical.

    • Stereotypical? Having a baby mama and hanging out in the hood?

    • But he was living with the mother of the kid no? The hood was the only stereotypical thing, but he was a cop, I doubt that's stereotypical.

    • his role in training day stands out cuz denz stepped outside of his usual role. he's normally the str8 talking good guy that some lady falls for. bone collector, dejavu, malcolm x, remember the titAns, etc.

      ed norton had similar praise for his role in American history x.

  • HMMMM, Honestly, I'd love to make a impressive comment about this, but the movies with the most awards turned out to be ridiculously crappy.
    So I haven't cared about the oscar for a long time now.

    Do you ever agree with the picks they choose? Cause I think whoever votes doesn't watch the same movie as us...

    As for blacks in movies, need I even approach this topic with all the amazing actors?
    Put Will Smith in the crappiest movie and you've got a work of art.

  • Because they are rich and don't have nothing else to bitch about.

  • Dude nobody cares about either sides bitching


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