What do you think of my voice?

What do you think of my voice?
I'm the girl in the song obviously 😂😂

ps. Please ignore my accent. 😁😁


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  • I think you have a great voice, but you need to project a bit more - you need to learn to sing from your diaphragm instead of your chest. When you learn to use your stomach to push the air through your vocal folds, you can project much better, even on lower notes (which you seemed to struggle with) and when singing quieter.

    I liked the song too, but you're letting him drown you out and the song would sound much better if either you were more prominent during those times (since a male's voice will be heard even if at a lower volume) or at the very least, the same volume level.

    I actually wasn't too fond of the guy's voice in that, but not necessarily his voice, but his lazy way with the words. I get what he's trying to do with the song, but he needs less of the 'conversational' and a tidbit more of actually singing.

    But yeah, I think if you learn to project and use your diaphragm, especially on the quieter parts, you will shine brighter.

    I am a singer as well, so I'm not just making this up. I've sang opera, and other types of 'trained' singing. Smoking killed that for me, though, so now it's much different for me. :)


    That's what I sound like, but even that isn't great.

    I hope this helps.

    • Oh thank you for advice. This was the i actually sang with someone so i have no experience with singing whatsoever. And your voice is amazing!!

    • Well thank you! But it used to be lot better. I went to college for a degree in music, and my voice was my best talent (although I play multiple instruments as well), and that's where I was trained in using my diaphragm, but. . . it was during college when the smoking began to rasp out my voice.

      I want to kick myself in the face sometimes, but my legs don't reach. :(

      Anyway, I do think you have a good voice - just be confident, and belt that sh*t out! :)

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