For those that are pro wrestling or WWE fans, do you think the WWE should allow their female wrestlers to?

compete in extreme matches like Elimination Chamber, Hell In a Cell, First Blood, Falls Count Anywhere or any other special matches, in PPV events?

Elimination Chamber match -

Hell in a Cell match -

  • Yes, a lot (at least some, not all) female pro wrestlers are as capable of withstanding and going through these barbaric matches like the male wrestlers
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  • No, these matches are too dangerious for women wrestlers and it's something intended only for male wrestlers.
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  • Depends
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  • Even if they were allowed to compete in these matches, it still probably won't help much in terms of PPV and ticket sales.
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  • Others
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  • A few years ago I would have said no way. Just because WWE seemed obsessed with having Bikini models who can't wrestle on the roster. Now they have a lot of women who are talented enough to make these matches work.

    There have been female cage matches in the past. I see no reason why not today

  • WWE is obviously fake, they'll allow women to do so if they think it'll get them more viewers.


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