Everyone else has their own movie awards show , and its time for blacks to focus on the shows that recognize and careless about the ones that don't?

Latinos have the ALMA award, Asians have the Asian Film awards, Indians, etc. Blacks need to quit worshipping the oscars, emmys, golden globes etc like they're God or something. They are nothing and just because you don't win one doesn't mean you're a great actor/actress and just because you win one doesn't mean you are a great actor/actress. It's all a matter of opinion.
  • Yes blacks need to quit begging for acceptance and focus on the awards shows that recognize them
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  • No blacks need to keep seeking validation and worship the lame ass golden globe, emmy, and oscars like they're God or something.
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  • Blacks need to quit admiring those that don't admire them.
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  • I'm pretty sure Nollywood has it's own awards...

    As for black recognition in Hollywood, I don't think it makes sense to have a separate awards in Hollywood just for black artists. Aren't the number of oscars going out to black people in proportion to the number of black artists in the industry? Sorry, I don't know the statistics on this, but on the outside it seems like it is proportionate.

    In any case, why give too much importance to these awards anyway...

    • They already exist. I'm saying let whites keep their Oscars, emmys, golden globes and black actors/actresses quit begging for them to give them one.

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    • They don't need them.

    • Good for them then!

  • "Yes blacks need to quit begging for acceptance and focus on the awards shows that recognize them".

  • Affirmative action isn't what is needed, but more opportunities for all. If they are right for the part and nail their audition, then they should get the job. If not, then they can try again later. A fair chance would be more of what I'd ask for.

    • Its not affirmative action. Its just treating yourself instead of waiting and begging someone else to

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