Want to find good Christian music. Or meet people who know good Christian music?

So I've been listening to some great worship music lately. My favourites as I write this are:
Chris tomlin - I will follow
Hillsong - cornerstone
David crowder - praise him (the version in the fan made video of the guy walking through nyc)
I really love worship music and I hope some sensible people can reply here with some great Christian music similar to ones i mentioned above.


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  • Have ou heard of the Casting Crowns? they are wonderful. some of my favourite songs by them:
    who am i
    east to west
    praise you in this storm
    i know you're there

    here are some Hillsong ones i like:
    lord i come to you
    even when it hurts

    some songs by darlene zschech i like:
    shout to the lord
    perfect love

    other songs:
    i can sing of your love forever- Delirious
    Breath of Heaven- Amy Grant
    mary did you know

    hope that helps!

    • OMG i forgot MercyMe. i love them. fave songs by them:
      You're beautiful
      Crazy Enough.

      ok I'm done.

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    • no worries man :)
      thanks for mh x

    • Np :D you were one of the first responses so I gave it to you aha x

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  • Um good Christian bands that I listen to are.

    Casting Crowns
    Mercy Me
    Toby Mac
    Abandon Kansas
    Stellar Kart

    • Never knew skillet was Christian!
      Not heard of the other but will definitely check them out when I have time thank you <3

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    • Well that's the artist's target I guess. To reach as wide audience as they can to try and influence people with their lyrics. Some bands are very subtle however. There's a band I called onehundredhours and I've been told that they're are a Christian band however I didn't know that until I was told. I would never have guessed but it just shows that there's more Christian music that people may first think

    • Lol yeah probably.

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  • Jeremy camp
    Misty Edwards : she has this song called arms wide open, it's a beautiful song
    Third day
    Skillet - a bit on the heavy style if u like that :)
    Theocracy- this is metal haha they have really good songs
    Hillsong is awesome, I saw u already know them. Did u hear the last album? Open heaven is such a good song
    Matt redman
    John Waller
    Casting crowns

    • Third day <3
      Delirious <3
      Matt redman <3
      Will definitely check out the rest. Never knew skillet was Christian music!

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    • Hah yeah sure, theocracy is one of my favourites. Listen to "I am" such a great song! Red is also good, flyleaf, 12 stones, saving grace, divinefire They are not all metal but they are in the rock area, divinefire is symphoic metal. I know some hardcore ones, don't know if u are into that?
      I like symphonic metal, so my fav non christian metal bands are epica, within temptation, kamelot, haggard
      And when it comes to rock, I like classic stuff like bon jovi, def leppard, bryan Adams, those kinda things 😛

    • Well I really like flyleaf so I'll definitely give these a listen. Thanks! :D

  • There is a bunch of great bands out there. Some of the best known are Stryper, Mortification and As I Lay Dying. Also be sure to check out Beheaded, Opprobrium and another band whose name I forget.

    Just FYI the songs you mentioned are all terrible and would drive anyone who heard them to Satanism. Happy listening.

  • Believe it or not there is a Christian Hair Band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsNhNdnwgZg

    • Okay I'll play it when I am home ok :)

    • I have recently come to love Stryper! Saw them in concert a month ago, and am going to see them again in October! They put on a great live show, and don't shy away from their beliefs. :)

  • skillet, skillet, ashes remain, and within temptation has good christian type music as well.


  • Chris Tomlin is great.

    Casting Crowns has newer songs, but the one I really am feeling right now is called "Just Be Held."

    Check out Shane & Shane. Very acoustic in lot of their songs and extremely heartfelt.

    Big Daddy Weave has an amazing song called "My Story." Whoa.

    Other groups/singers:
    -Matthew West
    -Lincoln Brewster
    -Jeremy Camp
    -Kari Jobe
    -Tenth Avenue North
    -Among the Thirsty
    -Brandon Heath
    -David Crowded/ Crowded <--- his voice is so unique!!

    I have a bunch more, but I will stop here.

    • Oops. Auto changed David Crowder

    • Noo don't stop haha. I'm here to learn more artists! I've heard of Matthew west and I like it so I'll check the others out :D

  • I like Casting Crowns and MercyMe. Third Day is also a good group. Also, try listening to FFH (From From Home). That's all I can think of at this moment.

    • Casting crows seem really popular so will definitely give them a listen :D
      Third day I know are good and I will listen to the other one thank you!

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    • At least listen to Kutless's "What Faith Can Do". That's what I like from them. I haven't listened to any of their other tunes, but I will soon.

    • Will do man! :D

  • Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave is awesome.
    If you like Christian rap lecrae is cool too.

    • I'm not a huge fan of rap but im experimental so I'll have a look :)

  • Trick question, Christian music hasn't been notable or good for hundreds of years now.

  • "Ocean" - Hillsong United
    I almost cry listening to it.

    • Spirit lead me where my trust is without Borders <333

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    • I love how people who use this site really aren't judgmental. I expected that to ask a question with any religious relevance that I would get trolls and people with silt answers but there are all good. Just shows how much i dislike where I live and the community :/

  • Thousand foot krutch and skillet are the best

    • Heard of both of them. Thousand foot crutch were on a note on my iPhone to download but I never got around to it so thank you!

  • Mercy Me and Casting Crowns are some of my favorites.

    The older Christian music I like is
    Brothers Keeper


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