The baddest chick in the Final Fantasy games?

1. Terra Branford - Final Fantasy VI - The half human, half esper powerhouse that's loaded with Cosmic power!
The baddest chick in the Final Fantasy games?

2. Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy VII - Fists of fury, One serious ass-kicker!

3. Rikku - Final Fantasy X - Great fighter, And one of the most entertaining characters ever. A little Al Bhed bad-ass.

4. Lightning - Final Fantasy XIII - All business, Like no other female in the Final Fantasy realm.

5. Garnet Til Alexandros - Final Fantasy IX - One powerful summoner

6. Yuna - Final Fantasy X - The two gun-wielding High Summoner

  • Terra
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  • Tifa
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  • Rikku
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  • Lightning
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  • Garnet/Dagger
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  • Yuna
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  • I picked Rikku but I think my true pick would be either Pain or Fran.


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