Any other writers/poets here?

If you do, what genre? Or are you more of a reader? :P
Do you have any writing tips or exercises that you usually do?
Would you like to post something you've written?


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  • I write songs more than poetry. I have an older one that I'm willing to share and make public since I already put it on GAG before. This is a song I wrote for a friend going through a rough time since she basically got played along by a guy and then ditched for another girl suddenly.

    Anyway, here they are:

    VERSE 1
    Hearts can bleed out pain
    From the purest notion drenched in blood stains
    With this fate I'll ride
    Through the lonely night
    Chains rattling through my bones
    Bounded by a lie

    CHORUS: I tried to take a chance again
    But this aching feeling steals my rhythm
    When will I have to dance again
    Under this god-forsaken moon

    VERSE 2
    Eyes soft with a kiss
    To seal my beat inside a box from Judas
    Just another pawn
    Sacrificed and gone
    I'm left only with the truth
    And the pain of moving on


    CHORUS 2: Just another soul on the mend
    Victim of a poor decision
    To ever take a chance again
    And dance away with you

    Time came up and paid a visit
    To drag to hell my innoncence
    He created scars along the way
    What hurts us most are the men we'll save

    You told me we'd be great together
    Building trust you saved for later
    To crush my glass heart to history
    Once again (sustained)


    CHORUS 2


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  • I just write down my feelings in a "poetic way". Most of the times I write when I am upset and seek some comfort. But nobody knows that I write and I better keep it that way because it is strictly private. You could compare it to a diary.

    This is something that I've written in summer.

    i used to be
    like the sugar
    in a cup of tea
    people take all of me
    they enjoy every sip
    every sip makes them feel
    all warm inside
    but when they drank it all
    and the bottom is
    covered with sugar
    like the bottom of an ocean
    is covered with sand
    they cannot stand
    all the sweetness
    the sweetness is unbearable
    so they just leave
    like they'd put
    a cup of tea down
    and make
    a face of disgust
    and oh god, I should not
    have been so sweet
    i promised myself that from
    now on, I willl be bitter
    bitter as unsweetened coffee
    so so bitter that
    everybody would already leave
    after the first sip


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  • I am expert in seductive poetry.

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    my bed is green,
    and I want you in it,
    if you know what I mean.

  • -Yes.
    -While a lot of my poems are of the romantic variety, I think most of my poetry comes out in the prose I use. (See my myTake on ballroom dancing/relationships) Not all of them are to a specific person, but several are to the "woman of my dreams."

    -My tips on writing poetry are to expand your vocabulary as much as possible, expose yourself to great authors and excellent prose (Eileen Charbonneau: thank me later ;) ), and go through life.

    The single greatest thing you can do for your poetry is to strip every wall, every barrier, every locked door, and every insecurity you've ever built up. Boldly open your naked and vulnerable heart and let it pour out onto paper, as though your veins were the pen that your words flow through.

    And I do recommend writing on paper as much as possible. It's an extra level of vulnerability because you're creating physical evidence of the secret places of your heart. (It's also nice when you want to rhyme and can stack lists of words at the end to figure out how to build the sentence.)

    -Sure, let me find something...


    She looks in the mirror and rips herself apart.
    A harsh critic who forgets she's judging fine art.

    Her skin is like warm cream pouring over my body.
    Sensual and feminine; sexy, where she just sees shoddy.

    Her lips and cheeks are sculpted perfectly.
    She disbelieves that I'd want them all over me.

    She pokes and prods and says she's fighting gravity.
    If only she'd look up and see how much she pulls me.

    She looks at her stomach and acknowledges it grudgingly.
    But I'm in love with the fact that she carried three children lovingly.

    She thinks I'm blind and it's such a pity.
    I see everything she does... but also that she's pretty.

    • This was amazing.
      Thank you for the tips. An I'll definitely check out Eileen.

  • I have decided over the last few days to start creative writing again and post on GaG - It has been over 20 years since I wrote anything, I wonder if Ican I still do it - It will be in prose or story form because my poetry sucked eggs, it was dreadful. My other stuff wasn't bad - The prose would be just stream of consciousness and sometimes the stories were funny.

    • I'm sure you can still pick up where you left off, if you got a story to tell , that won't disappear :)

  • Yes. Writing is who I am. I need to write as much as I need to breathe. I write poetry, short stories, and I've started a few novels as well.

    I wrote this a little while ago...

  • i'm both a reader and a writer (though i write under my real name and don't post here).

    i enjoy a little of everything~ i've written poetry, music, prose, even some full-length books that i hope to publish one day. my book/theatre reviews (and one poem) have been published in anthologies and online.

    i wish i had more time to write, but work and family obligations kinda got in the way. my only advice is to always be open to criticism~ if i like your work, i'll tell you so, and ditto if i don't (though, if i don't like it, i'll always provide suggestions on how to improve).

    however, the most fun i have is writing intentionally-awful "emo" poems, complete with dreadful misspellings and the mad rhyming skillz (i don't rhyme in my actual poetry, lol).

    here is one i wrote for a friend's birthday some years back (it's become an inside joke):

    ur face iz lyke a prity fl0w3r
    i think bout u when im in the sh0w3r
    n my black <3s bout 2 brake
    so cut it up lyke em0 caek!

    -von "shakespeare hates your emo poems" asaurus

  • Yes, I prefer to write in the science fiction, horror, and crime drama genres. I wish I could read more often.

    Tips, keep writing, and write a lot. Like don't ever stop writing EVER. If you feel like you can't write anything, then wing it, write the first stupid thing that comes to your mind a go from there.

    • Yeah that's a great tip, sometimes , some days I just get stuck. I'm just staring at the blank paper/screen and nothing, not a singe word..

  • I wrtite when I can. Not very good yet but to get better, I try to just write any idea that I get. If I see a scene in my head of a guy proposing to a girl in the rain and an empotion is associated with it, I write the scene whgen I get home and try to figure oiut what led up to it.

    Another thing I do is try to give myself random guidelines and force myself to write with them. EX: A story that takes place in Brooklyn, involves a brother and his younger sister and they are in high school.

    Also, you can start by writing character descriptions. You can't really know what kind of situation your character is prone to get into if you don't know anything about them so thats why I like to write some stuff down even if it's totally irrelevant to the story.
    EX: Creed Langerfeild is someone who can get anyone to help him do anything. He is a very good talker. People seem to either love or hate him. He has many relationships that ended with the girl furious at him. He is an extremely passionate man who can be short tempered and he has difficulty finding a girl as forgiving as he is. He loves to eat at fast food chains, Taco Bell being his favorite, yet is a great cook. Always up for an adventure, a dependable friend and a jack of all trades, this man seems perfect. If only he weren't so strange and awkward

    By the way. I'm terrible at thinking of names. Espacially last names. I like to use street names

  • I like to write about pretty much anything, but i think love and loss are my mains.

    When i write, ill start with an image in my mind and take it from there. Or when i dont have an image, i write out words of things i like and try to link them together.

    A few of my stuff is on mytakes. I might b putting up more.

  • Yes. Nice to meet you. Mostly, I write fictional novels. Romance and fantasy and suspense related. More or less young adult fiction. :)

    • Nice to meet you too! How long have you been writing?

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    • @benthurber No. Sorry. I'm no good at that. But, I have written song lyrics when needed for music themed novels. :P

    • 'Every' artist thinks their work sucks. The ones who get anything done or get paid just find a nice stopping point where everyone else can marvel.

      I've only ever received one poem. But, honestly, writing is meant to be read. I just hope I'm not scaring away any future poems by the stuff I write. :(

      Check it.

  • I'm a poet, been writing for o about half a decade or so I enjoy writing about love, nature and mystery, as well as the noir genre, I'll put some stuff on sure.
    Les femmes en noir
    Names John, John O'Malley, Private Eye, I just walked in to a dingy little bar, just got done with a case you see needed a drink, as I stepped through the door I heard a little canary singin in the background.
    The bourbon suffocated shadows and smoke drenched air of this joint felt like home, I put my flogger on the back of my chair, set my fedora on the bar, bartender, old fashioned, keep em coming I said, as I packed my pipe with Black Russian tobacco
    And lit it with a flip and a flash of sparks, the silhouette of my face just barely lit by the embers and barely visible behind the veil of smoke and darkness, I was about to take a sip of my drink which had just arrived.
    When all of a sudden a gorgeous brunette walks in, she had hair like south pacific waves down to her hips which moved sensually with each step she took.
    And with unparalleled elegance, She wore glad rags, a black cocktail dress agaisnt her bronze skin, classy, yet a joy in the morning, with gams that went on for miles, and string of ice around her neck.
    She spoke with an Australian accent that could put any fell under her spell
    one thing is for certain,
    a broad like that certainly didn't belong in a joint like this.
    She sat down between me and a butter and eggs man who clearly didn't know his way around the big apple, I'll have a White Russian, in a cocktail glass she said.
    No sooner did she say that, did she pulled a medium sized cigar out of her handbag.
    Well ain't that something I though to myself, need a light I asked? as I flipped open my zippo, thank you she replied, as the smokey plumes rose around her like a curtain.
    I had barely got a word out when someone came up to me and said someone on the horn wanted to talk with me, excuse me for a moment I said.
    When I returned I noticed the butter and eggs man was annoying and harassing her, now I had been dealing with schmucks like this all day see, and I had no patience for it.
    Time to make some chin music I thought to myself, now I didn't want to make a mess of things, so I tapped him on his shoulder and when he turned around I knocked him out, nice and clean.
    I sat down in my seat, now where were we? I asked the broad, we talked for what seemed like hours, till the sun came up.

    • And little did I know it at the time but I'd be falling dizzy for this dame.
      As I walked towards a taxi intending on getting some rest when I arrived home I noticed a note in my jacket pocket.
      All it had was a name and a number on it, huh I thought to myself, perhaps I'll give this broad a call.

      That was an example of Noir poetry that I've written.

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    • Well, if you do decide to write a sequel, let me know :P

    • Of course if I ever do get around to that I'll be sure to let you know.

  • Both writer and reader. I love the classics but I try to read some of the great modern works as well.

    Don't do writing tips or exercises; I just write. And sadly, it's literary fiction.

  • I am a poet and I don't have an specific genre, I just write what I feel to write in the moment whit out attaching my self to any style of writing, I follow my own style.

  • @justbanANNAz
    This was made for you :P

    As for me, some people refer to me as a lyrical genius of my generation... Oh wait, only my mom says that lol ;P

  • I do both. I generally read non-fiction more while writing fiction. There isn't much fiction I still care to read nowadays as post-modern literature is not something I enjoy.

  • If it counts, I wrote a long After Action Report once and created a story in the background only for fun.

  • I am too insecure about posting any of my poems, because I wrote them when I was 13 and I think people would find them boring.

    • Why don't try again? I bet you'll find some new perspectives now that you're older.

  • I used to write stories and poetry. Mostly was about love, abandonment, death, and surrealism. I like read to but i like non-fiction better.

  • I like to write short fantasy and science fiction stories. Sometimes I like to experiment with horror and comedy, though.

  • Yeah I write a lot of drama and thriller stuff. But I haven't published anything anywhere.

  • Yeah my short novels and poems are published in Georgia.

  • I'm a wannabe author. But the shtuff I'm gonna write is big novels.

    But I can post a poem I did for school.

    "Nothing shines brighter
    than a good double cheeseburger
    It’s the most beautiful thing-
    at least in my eyes
    That two-patty platter,
    how far should I tread?
    How far should I travel to get that burger just right?

    I know that one bite will not be quite healthy
    one bite might mean an old man’s death
    And yet one bite would make a poor man wealthy
    Preserved by fries and a tinfoil wrap
    This jewel shall be kept"

    by: Maxemeister, the one and only

  • I've writ short stories and poetry in fantasy, sci-fi and horror. Also wrote a few proposals and speeches.
    Tip: Read your lexicons!
    Exercise: I play a dictionary/thesaurus game in which I look up a word I am uncertain about, read the definition, then look up a word in the definition, its synonym or its antonym till it bores me. It can be a fun adventure since there aren't that many 'closed loops', especially in the larger tomes.
    "Without knowing the colors of words how can you ever write a masterpiece?" - Nivek (that's me)

  • I try to write short stories and wrote kind of poema in the past

  • I'm a poet πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸ» I've wrote you a poem

  • I've posted a poem on here before haha

    • It was good

    • @KDA20 eh could have been better haha I've got like 5 other poems I've also written

    • I am seen a lot more users putting up creative writing so who knows maybe GaG might set up a topic for creative writing, might encourage more to do it. Yeah if I remember rightly yours had a distinctive style, sometimes it is not about the form and poetic rules, it is about intent and what the reader thinks when they read it.

  • Does songwriter count?

  • post something youve written πŸ‘Œ

    • Unfortunately I write in Swedish :P I'll try to write something in English sometime.

    • i've seen first aid kit twice in concert ahaha

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