An important question to movie diggers?

Okay, people who has a big archive of movies, welcome. I'm the biggest love&hate relationship fan and I've watched almost EVERY movie that has love&hate relationship in them. You know, at first they hate each other, then things make them fall in love with themselves... Now, I'm kind of out of movies and looking for the new ones. If you have an archive for me, please share. I need every love hate relationship movie that exists. Thanks.


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  • If you've watched every movie then I'll probably just list movies you've already seen.

    Have you seen the godfather 1 or 2?

    • Not every of them probably. But you know I just needed the unpopular and unknown ones. There are probably more than I know.

    • I know too many, I think your best bet is Google!

    • Google had helped me more than anything but I reached the end of it :) thanks anyway. Probably I have to ask this question couple more times to find some movies. :)

  • YPF
    somewhat fits the description

  • Please share your list with us, so we don't repeat them


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