What are your top 5 diss tracks?

Meaning a song that one artist made to insult someone else. It could be a diss towards another artist or another celeb. Could be a diss to fans. You may post vids if you want or you can just list them. For my top 5 I will just give vids for the top 2.

5. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
4. Takeover - Jay Z
3. No Vaseline - Ice Cube

2. Ether - Nas

1. The Sauce - Eminem

And don't judge on the Gwen Stefani one. It was a great response to Country Love. The Em shit I'm sorry, but if Benzino had a career Em bodied it. Em delivered brutal savagery on that track.


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  • Back To Back burned, poor Meek. LMAO

    • He tried to respond, but he failed. He went at Cass, but yeah Drake got him.

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