Should I get into PC gaming or music production?

Trying to decide if I should spend time making music or playing pc games. I've got 3,000 dollars that I can spend and I'm trying to decide what would be more worth doing in the long run. I'd rather do one or the other rather than doing both and I'm just here looking for some perspective on which one is worth spending my time on.

The other thing is that I plan on buying a desktop this time since my old laptop stopped working do to overheating and being old (had it for over 5 years). So I'd rather either buy a computer just meant for gaming or buy one for music production along with a DAW and home studio equipment.

In other words can some one maybe give me some perspective and some pros and cons between the two. Also if I do music production is it better to go Mac or build my own windows PC. If I go the music production route then I plan on using Fl Studio for my DAW software.

Otherwise if I go pc gaming route I'll probably build my own along with buying some games with it.


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  • It seems music production would pay MUCH better than playing games.


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