Does this song that I wrote give anybody the feels?

So I'm an amateur singer/songwriter/producer if you didn't know. Also guess what? I like writing about relationships. In any case this is the first song I tried writing/producing whatevs and you guys might like it. It's about a guy who puts his career and sucess above his girl and then once he achieves his goals he realizes that what he has obtained is nothing compared to what he lost. In any case, it's kinda like trance EDM and I'm still working out the bugs/glitches in my work so I'm not perfect yet but yeah. It's not half bad : D Leave a sub/like on my new chan if you like : D If you wanna leave a comment on the actual channel just click the share arrow thingy I think and click that link I guess.

So... has anybody ever felt like the guy I described in the song?


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  • Well, the good news is the vocals are the strongest part.
    - Use a different kick sample
    - Use a more traditional beat pattern for percussion; what you have done is killing the energy of the song & you won't have to pan the snare

    • Yeah I don't usually like over the top kick drum though. I was trying to keep the song low-key. I don't know if you listen to a lot of trance music but this is usually how it sounds. I think you are comparing this song to upbeat club music which it isn't but thanks.

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    • I liked it enough to say don't stop producing. Some food for thought: traditional beat patterns exist is because they work well. A nice smooth wheel. No need to reinvent the wheel. Also not saying four to the floor it.

    • I get you. I guess different people different tastes.

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