PC Gaming vs Music Production?

Not sure which one would be more worth my time? The reason why I'm asking this is that right now I'm using my laptop which is nearly broken and is already 5 years old, and my next purchase for computer is going to into a desktop rather than a laptop since you seem to get more bang for your buck.

Back to the question though I've done PC gaming in the past and have also played with friends on and off. At the same time though I do play some guitar and piano at a friends house and we play some cover songs together.

Now as I said before I want to get another computer however I'm not sure whether to get one for PC gaming or Music Production. I have $3000 that I can spend and I'm wondering what would be worth more for the money in the long run. I've seen some games and have been impressed with some but a part of me feels it would be a waste of money in the long run because I feel like I would be bored of the game soon and jump on to another one.

If I go pc gaming I've got 3,000 for a pc build and pc games. If I go music production I still have to buy home studio equipment since I have FL Studio DAW already.

My main concern with PC gaming is that I feel like I would have to constantly have to upgrade at some point to keep up with it whereas music production wouldn't be as frequent. I also have other things going on like going to work and weightlifting.

The reason why I feel like I'd have to choose is that not only would it be a lot more expensive to do both hobbies since gaming is more GPU and music production is more CPU demanding but I also don't feel like I would have time to do both.

I feel like in the long run I would get more out of music production even though I also enjoy some gaming, although I usually only like gaming with friends whereas I don't mind making music by myself when I have the time for it.

Anyways I know I'm rambling on and probably making a bigger deal out o


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  • Music production ftw


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