Why do people feel the need to cheat/mod in GTA Online?

I don't get it. It's more rewarding working your way up. They mod their k/d to a ridiculous number and have a ridiculous level (I've seen some players with legit 500 level, I'm friends with one who has never cheated or mod to get there). They ruin the game so much. I don't get how cheating can make our feel good. To me, you must suck so much that you have change it all so you win everytime


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  • There are always going to be some people that are like that because they just don't really want to put the time, energy and/or effort into the game other than just to play it here and there occasionally. Other than that maybe the motive is to troll others and make themselves feel good or superior to other gamers in the community but they really are just terrible at the game and don't ever want to admit it.

    If cheating mods and shit had been something that only really affects Single player campaigns then I see no problem with it.

    Otherwise if it was possible universally for campaigns and multiplayer then something like "short-cuts" for those more casual players but still want enough competitive edge and advantage they should have or could have released another "Micro-transaction".

    Example: Just Completely Unlock and Enable Everything in the Game and Give Me Full Access ALREADY Because I Suck at the Game and/or don't really feel I want to (or have the time to) earn and unlock everything manually myself type of DLC for $29.99 or some similar or higher price.


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  • mod != cheating.
    Modding is a good way for an individual to experience the game the way they want vs the developers way.
    However, it's bad when it interferes with the enjoyment of another player. Devs should cap that somehow!!

    • It tends to ruin the game for everyone so. While they suck at playing like a normal person, they have to use mods cause they know they would get theit ass kicked.

  • It's is god damn Grand Theft Auto, EVERYONE IS A CRIMINAL.

    • There's a difference in being a criminal and using mods and cheats to win. You have change the rules cause you suck so much just to win. Those 2 things aren't really relevant.

  • it may be more rewarding for you, but some people just have more fun using mods

    • It's more rewarding for a lot of people. Most of the people I see modding and cheating are children. Who shouldn't even be playing the game

    • i've only played GTA online once so I'm not really sure what kind of mods there are but I'm assuming its comparable to "god mode".

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