Do My Synthpop Original Songs Sound Any Good to you guys?

Just Google
Greatly Lacking Emotional Maturity
My songs are
Branless City
Isle of the Unfit

I am an independant, synthpop musician, and I have a feminine voice at least for a man.

If you're unaware of synthpop, goggle: Giorgio Moroder, Human League, Daft Punk, or just about any 1980s pop star. Those are my influences.

Please gimme your honest opinion on my voice, riffs and beats and lyrics. And tell me if there's anybody I relate to.

--Glen T. Mcshane


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  • Daft Punk a synth-pop band? Hell no dude... they were more like Eurohouse... but I can recommend u tons of bands who r like Human League... check Wang Chung or Naked Eyes for example... I'd love if u did a cover of da whole "Points On The Curve" or "Burning Bridges" albums though... but I'm asking too much I guess hahaha...

    Anyway u have a voice fitting for synth-pop genre... I guess if u were living in da 80s u could make it in da charts... hehehe...


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