Which language would you like to speck I thought to learn German as I am not good at English enough but still want something new?

Which language would you Like to speak other then your language.
Can you learn any language on YouTube


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  • Defiantly Spanish as my mate is learning it and his mums home language is Spanksh so we can randomly have conversations without people knowing what we are even saying 😂

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    • Well I would like to learn Spanish

    • Have you got any Spanish dictionary's? If so you can use them and learn at least one word either a day or every two days. But as I'm doing Spanish for my GCSE's I'm going to have the full lessons on it and also my cousin is part Spanish so she says she will help me too

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  • lol just practise your English further, you're already understandable, just master it :) you're close
    I'd like to learn Spanish and French


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