Is the SJW Community Blind?

Didn't post for awhile
anyways this is my question of the day
This year a lot of good movies, games anime are releasing and man I am excited for all to release, my friend was pissed off on the fact that his favorite series spin off game Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is not available in our region because the game is too sexy for us people, you see that pissed me off a whole lot, reason that they are not releasing the game to our region because the SJW community got mad how sexy it is, fucking wake up, you blind bastards, look at MTV look at their shitty music videos and shows, half naked chicks showing off their bodies while children watch that shit too and look at them, children trying act older cuz of MTV media, when i have my Kids someday I am not going to let them watch MTV, what happened, i remember when they used to play music videos all day not that teen wolf shit along side Degrassi drama shit, da fuck MTV, SJW Community how blind are you


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  • Yeah theyre blind


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