Good movies about the 20s and/or 70s?

I have a history project coming up and I would love to do mine about a movie that's set in the 20s or 70s (these are interesting periods to me). Any ideas?


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  • night fever is very good, its about the disco era and you must watch it! i dont know about the 20s but i do know about the 50s 60s but your not interested in those so i would say night fever

    • Thanks, I'll definitely check it out! And I'd also like to hear your 50s and 60s suggestions :)

    • your welcome😊 i think that rebel without a cause is the best movie from the 50s. james dean plays in it and its perfect. you also have a streetcar named desire by marlon brando. there are also 2 movies where elvis plays in and i would suggest you to watch them all. by the way i just saw that your project would be about history, i got a link of a very nice video that shows the first world war and your teacher would give you a very high note if you did it about war trust me😉

  • Dazed and confused for the 70's but I wouldn't put much stalk in historical accuracy in movies.

    • Thank you :) the point of the assignment is actually that you analyse the movie and see how accurate it is historically

  • Set in these eras... hhmmm I'll just throw away good movies i know about this lol
    A beautiful mind
    good fellas
    Apollo 13
    A wonderful life
    Midnight in Paris
    The Artist
    Green Mile
    City of God
    Apocalypse now


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