I'm bored so I thought I'd ask you all what you do for fun?

I'm at my nans for a sleepover and I'm mega bored!! Any of you guys got any ideas for solving boredom?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Reading, drawing, watching a movie or Netflix. If it's nice out, maybe go for a walk or chill in the backyard (garden).

    • I usually draw and get whoever I'm with to relate the drawing but I'm a crap drawer so 😂 But i enjoy fpsinging and sing in my bedroom 😂

    • Well that is ok, as long as you are enjoying yourself! :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Play some Wii Bowling. Senior favorite for sure.


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  • Alcohol is your best option. Netflix is probably second-best. If you can't do those see if your g-ma has any decent books

    • You really think I'm gonna drink alcohol p? I'm 13 I ain't got Netflix and she ain't got books 😂

  • movies, youtube, chat with friends
    If you have internet there

    • I have internet there. My tablet and my phone both died and mum didn't send a charger for them so I spent the day with no electronics which is a huge achievement for me 😂

    • oh XD

      Then there's still workouts, television, drawing, board games

    • I only work out at home as I don't fell comfortable with other people. I weight lift with my dad every week but that's about it 😂

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