How do I write this book?

I want to write this book about all these fictional characters coming together for a sleepover (I'm not sure if I want them to all be from one book or show or something or a bunch of different fandoms coming together). I don't want any of the book to be before or after the sleepover. I want it to be strictly that night, and I maybe want the chapters to be in different points of view? That part isn't required, just a thought I had. I have a few questions regarding this.
1. How do I stretch the book out so I have 25-30 chapters of one night?
2. What characters do you think I should use? (Female main characters with appearances or mentions of others)
3. What are some things I should have them do?
4. What should I call it? (The book)
Thank you guys a ton for any help! :D


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  • Have a notebook dedicate to the brain storming of your book. Write down a section for you characters, a section for plot, a section for setting, etc. And brain storm on each one. Ideas will come to you along the way.
    Also read other books and get ideas on what style you want to use.
    You can call the book, "The Night" or "The Sleepover;" I don't have much ideas because I don't know exactly what is the plot of the story.
    Good luck!

  • 0. All characters are girls or women.
    1. You will need a chapter introducing at least one character who will host the sleepover and how she contacts the guests.
    2. Have one character (host or guest, preferably a particular guest mentioned in that first chapter I described) bring a deck of Tarot cards; she will be telling the fortunes of each character.
    3. Each guest other than the Tarot card reader will get one or two chapters. First, at the end of the previous chapter, the Tarot reader will select the next guest whose future will be told. The next chapter contains the background of this guest. This is important so Readers can identify with her and also help understand her and the future that is about to be told. Then, in the next chapter, actually have her future be told. EACH FUTURE MUST BE INTERESTING and perhaps contain bad things, but, also, after that first reading, the Tarot Reader must also give a quick alternate reading by flipping over a single card (for instance, the Death Card or The Fool or The Hanged Man).
    4. After each guest has their future told, they tell the Tarot Reader to tell her own future... What happens there I will leave up to you.
    5. The ending could be dark and disturbing or fine or whatever.

    • 6. The ending is when they wake up in the morning... or maybe they never wake up...

  • Call it the Sleepover, where a group of female friends talk about things, or everything.

    • like the Breakfast Club movie or something

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