Who else thinks that films in the 70s and 80s look more realistic and have better sound than movies of today?

I mean like the computer graphics in today's movies just make it look fake and in my opinion they overload the movie full of sound and music which is overdramatic. Films in the 70s and 80s dont always have the music playing in the background so you can actually hear the sounds in the background like the rolling of the waves or the chatter of a crowd. It feels more realistic like you are actually there.

Also all the stunts and props are real with no computer generated graphics so its actually realistic looking. Like the original Alien or Jaws or early James Bond films look so much better on screen and they are some of my favorite movies.

I admit parts of these movies look stupid like the fake shark in Jaws and really bad props in early James Bond films like the spacecraft in Moonraker. But overall the visuals are actually quite good compared to todays movies which has unrealistic graphics. Dont get me wrong some of it is quite good, but sometimes they go overboard with fake explosions and particle dynamics. I think too much green screen is used and I would like the real sets and real props back. Any opinions?


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  • I agree, especially about the sound levels. 70s and 80s movies are just quieter, and that's better in my view. I don't need or want constant sound. I want space to hear and think. I want to be drawn in rather than assaulted with visuals, effects and sounds. Don't alienate me with gimmicks. Good stories don't need bells and whistles.

    I rarely watch new releases. Some work, but normally these were strongly inspired by the filmmaking of past decades, rather than by video games.


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