Anyone read Don Quixote or any of the Sherlock Holmes novels?

(May be asking a few more of these, as I'm quite indescicive when choosing things, especially books :P )
If you have read any ot these, how were they? I'm not 100% on Don Quixote, seems VERY long, but I thought I'd include it on the odd chance that someone has read it here. I might listen to it instead of reading it, to make a change.
If anyone here has read any of the Sherlock Holmes novels, how are they? Which one do I read first? Is there a specific order? They've always been something that I want to experience, but I never got around to them (with ASOIAF and all that).

Thanks for any opinions :)


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  • I've read pretty much all of the Sherlock Holmes novels. I read them in chronological order and would recommend doing so as there are big plot things in later books, such as 'The Final Problem' which is a part of the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. You wouldn't want to read that before reading the other stories, and always start with 'A Study in Scarlet'. You can mess around with reading 'The Sign of Four' and the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in different orders, I think, but yeah, definitely start with ASAS and don't read the Memoirs too early. I recommend following this as this is how I read them:

    I think they're very good :) Perhaps a little difficult to get through but it's not too difficult and if you've read ASOIAF, you can handle these.


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  • I did, as part of my Spanish degree, read it in the original Castillian dialect (think Shakespearan English)

    Defintiely not an easy read, but it is quite comedic, essentially a farce of the traditional shining knight stories that plagued Cervantes' time.

    • If you stopped doing your Spanish degree for whatever reason, would you finish the book? Or just drop it and never look at it again?

    • Well I graduated lol.

      Also we read part 1 only, as there is only so much you can do in a semester.

      Haven't read part 2 yet beause I'm reading non fiction right now

    • Fair enough :)

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