If there was a spy battle royale, who do you think would win?

-setting: 30 story office building
-weapons: 2 pistol and a knife
-a smartphone and a burnphone
-1 special item from their respective agency (mi6, imf, cia, etc). bourne gets an extra pistol

who do you think wins and why?
you might wanna think of close combat skills, shooting ability, overall intelligence, resourcefullness, stealth, strength and stamina
  • james bond (sean connery/daniel craig... you can choose)
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  • jason bourne
    Vote B
  • alex cross
    Vote C
  • ethan hunt
    Vote D
  • jack ryan
    Vote E
  • bryan mills (the dude from taken)
    Vote F
  • other
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Bourne.

    This is a dude that blew up a suburban home with a magazine and toaster, even used that same magazine to beat a guy senseless that was using a knife. He stabbed a guy with a pen, multiple times. He outsmarted a sniper in an open field. Hell he used a towel to fight a guy with a knife.

    Not to mention, he is low key, under the radar. His evasion and stealth skills are probably the best, not to mention being the best in hand to hand CQC.

    I can see Craig's bond standing a chance, the previous iterations hell no. Not to mention his trademark is "Bond, James Bond" Not exactly stealthy, but still, he gets his ass beat constantly.

    Alex Cross is just a teenager lol.

    Ethan Hunt is probably the most well rounded, but his physique is the smallest out of them, not to mention there is always SOMEONE needing to bail him out.

    Jack Bauer is probably the best shooter, but only minimal in hand to hand.

    • Oh yeah, Bryan Mills is pretty much an older bourne lol

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    • Holy shit I confused alex cross with alex Ryder.


    • alex cros, alex ryder aaron cross. they all just run together. just like i noticed when making this question: jason bourne, james bond, jack bauer, jack ryan, i think they just recycle the same names and initials.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Bourne or I think Jack Bauer would do well (guy from 24 if you didn't know)

    • i almost put bauer, but i wanted someone "realistic". by that, i mean someone who doesn't stop a terrorist attack, a bank robbery and high speed chase in an hour. i'd like to see a season where everyone is getting 8 hours a sleep and just blow off 8 hours! or he has to go on a plane for 3 hours and just 6 episodes of waiting through tsa, an episode of him stuck on a delayed flight, a crying baby for 3 hours on board and him just waiting for his bag!

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    • i would pay top dollar to see how that writers and directors meetings go. like me and my friends say, it's not so much the stupid that gets us. it's that someone else thought that stupid it's a good idea :D

    • Hahahah! Yes! (That definitely applies to so many people I know!)

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